Avon Skin So Soft Soft And Sensual Creamy Body Wash

For fall, my favorite shower gels are cream iterations. With colder climes and dehydrating heat flowing from furnaces, I find a cream version, in the paraphrased sage words of a famous philosopher you and I both know named Prince, is the way to get on top.

Avon‘s Skin So Soft franchise boasts a multitude of bodacious body-smoothing delights and their Skin So Soft Soft & Sensual Creamy Body Wash is no exception. It produces a rich lather from only a small amount of product and yields a wonderfully lush floral and jasmine scent. Argan oil hydrates to leave skin feeling soft and smooth.  You’re [not so] filthy cute and baby, you know it. 

Cream (LP Version)

For $4, how can you not get involved? Avon Skin So Soft Soft & Sensual Creamy Body Wash is available on shop.avon.com.

What are your favorite types of body washes? Is gel your bag or are you a creamy kind of gal, like I am?

Disclaimer: This post was sponsored by Avon, but all opinions herein are my own. 

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