Official Mascara Correspondent: Simply Vera Vera Wang Volume Enhancing Mascara

This week on Ashleigh Ciucci‘s to-test list? Simply Vera Vera WangVolume Enhancing Mascara. Is it worth the $18.50? Find out in the Official Mascara Correspondent review.

Ok, I’ll admit it: I didn’t know Vera Wang even made mascara. The first thing I noticed upon cracking open the tube was it’s yummy smell: slightly powdery and rosy. With one coat the small fluffy brush gave soft flirty lashes. There was great definition and softness but not a whole lot of volume or intensity. With coat two, the product gripped well to coat one and build nicely. I found that I could apply a lot of product (like a big ‘ole glob from the tip of the brush) and it would comb out evenly. My lashes were dense, tapered and glamourous.

 My afternoon touch-up afforded me with a great lash makeover; a third coat brought my lashes to almost false lash status with the kind of clumping that you like not the kind that looks spidery.

 At the end of the night, Simply Vera washed off with soap and water. I’m pleasantly surprised but this mascara and would definitely recommend this baby to anyone who wants glam delicious smelling lashes!–Ashleigh Ciucci

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