Fictionary: EauMG

Fictionary is a column showcasing beauty-related words that don’t exist, but should.

Today’s entry comes courtesy of blogger Victoria, who started a fragrance/beauty blog by the name EauMG, which I think is just genius. The scent that sparking def con 5 levels of EauMG for ME these days? Prada Candy. Read on…
When I spritzed it on to test out before work a couple days ago, I would intermittently get a waft of it during the day and be all, “WHOSE PERFUME IS THAT? I LOVE IT. It’s so sophisticated, sultry, warm and… COMPLICATED.” And then I’d realize it was MINE. Is there anything better than an EauMG moment like that?  The best part is that that interaction (with myself) occurs about 13 times in a single day. In fact, it was quite reminiscent of that Monty Python sketch showcasing goldfishes’ seven-second memories.

Goldfish 1: Hey, look at that castle!
Goldfish 2: What’s a castle?
Goldfish 1: I don’t know, why d’you ask?
Goldfish 2: Ask what?
Goldfish 1: Hey, look at that castle!

Of course, with a name like Candy, I was worried it’d be Jolly-Rancher levels of saccharine, though it seemed unlikely that something like that would emerge from the House of Prada, and indeed the sweetness (a delightful caramel, which I’m learning I prefer both at Starbucks and in scents)  is tempered with a bit of musk and Laotian Benzoin. And the PACKAGING!

Isn’t it the beauty equivalent of the epic Prada gown Hailee Steinfeld wore to the SAG awards earlier this year? Shocking pink and orange is one of my favorite color combos. It’s a Pantone pairing that is just to die.

Gourmand scents don’t typically do it for me, but this one is so well done, it warrants a spritz from even the toughest gourmand hater. It boasts a quiet restraint that compels me to use the word “elegant,” which is not a descriptor lavished onto sweet scents. It is, at its heart, sultry and spicy while evoking an air of vanilla-carmel–but with a wink. Candy is the olfactory equivalent of a luxe caramel-hued cashmere sweater–luxury, warmth and a hit of complicated allure. And it lasts forEVER, in the words of Squints Palledorous of The Sandlot fame.

Prada Candy Eau de Parfum starts at $80 for the 1.7 fl oz bottle OR snag the Prada Candy Holiday Set at for $108.

And tell me: Which scent is causing your EauMG moment?

Missing you like Candy!

Love always,

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