TATCHA Aburatorigami Evening Single Pack Blotting Papers

Tatcha‘s spruced up their already-phenom Aburatorigami gold-infused sheets (which I was the first in the world to review, BTW!) with a short stack of dusky black clutch-sized oil assasinators. There is something so… super hero about these black sheets, right? They contain charcoal, which is integrated into the lattice work of high-grade abaca fibers, so the paper is still powder-free and will not leave any residue on the skin or disturb makeup. Charcoal, BT dubs, is so good at absorbing toxins, it’s even administered internally in emergency rooms to patients who have ingested poisonous substances. Don’t you want to use it to elegantly remove oil from your mug on an evening out instead of turning to pore-clogging, aging powders? (You should). Plus? I love that its chic black look recalls the selected works of Ram Jam’s “Black Betty” perhaps most famously featured in Blow, one of Johnny Depp‘s opi (the plural of opus, Latin scholars). Remember Paul Reubens‘ hilar role as Derek For Real? Check it:

Buy TATCHA Aburatorigami Evening Single Pack Blotting Papers for $15 (pack contains 40 sheets) at tacha.com

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