Lindsay Lohan’s Fakakta Makeup

My gal Tara E posted this pic of Lindsay Lohan on Facebook and I nearly snarfed my Diet Cherry Coke. What the hell is this? I mean, we all WANT sculpted cheekbones, but this looks like a cross between Navajo warpaint and a Dynasty cheek. Unintentionally theatrical, my favorite hilarious makeup effect.

What’s HAPPENING here? Furthermore, do you think Lindsay Lohan’s probation should have been revoked? Discuss.

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3 Comments Lindsay Lohan’s Fakakta Makeup

  1. Eileen

    The system has been entirely too easy on Miss Lohan. We talk about blind justice, but the fact is that money and celebrity can still buy privileged treatment. The bottom line is that she is a junkie who is being propped up and enabled by everyone who is making money off of her. So long as people continue to run interference for her and attempt to mitigate her problems, she has no motivation to change. She’ll eventually end up a puppet to be manipulated, a drugged out shadow of herself.

    As for the make-up, even at the height if Dynasty’s popularity, we didn’t look that bad! Her dull, beached out hair and the dark stripes painted in the hollows of her cheeks on her pale and washed out face was obviously planned. She even chose to dress entirely white.


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