Primetime Emmys 2010 Beauty: Christina Hendricks

Oh, Christina Hendricks. Considering your 2009 Emmy look lives in infamy (in a good way), I have to say that for such an extraordinarily gorgeous woman (some might even say extraterrestrially gorgeous woman), I did not love your hair or dress. The former should have been an updo–and for me to feel that way is RARE. But no one looks chicer in an chignon than you. And the Zac Posen dress! So pretty, but so ill-fitting, as my gal Tamar pointed out. But what I did love? Your makeup, so mazel tov on that. Here, the deets on Christina’s cosmetic concept, courtesy of Lancome:

Christina’s makeup was inspired by Mia Farrow’s iconic character Daisy Buchanan from The Great Gatsby. Celebrity makeup artist Vanessa Scali provided us with the details on Christina’s look:

Vanessa prepped the skin with Lancôme’s La Base Pro. To perfect Christina’s already luminous skin, Vanessa used Lancôme’s new Teint Miracle Lit-From-Within Makeup. “It has an amazing transparent quality that leaves the skin looking flawless and luminous without being shiny,” said Vanessa. “I applied it with a brush and then blended with my fingers.” Blending with her fingers heated up the foundation a bit, allowing for a seamless finish. Vanessa followed with Effacernes Concealer under the eyes, her “all time favorite concealer.”
For a fresh pop of color I used Lancôme’s Blush Subtil Shimmer in Pink Pool on the apples of her cheeks. Dabs of Giorgio Armani Beauty’s Fluid Sheer #2 highlighted Christina’s cheekbones.
The eye shadow was mix of YSL’s Ombre Solo Eyeshadow in Cashmere Brown and Midnight Black. “I applied these all over her lid, under the bottom lashes and blended it out past her natural lash line to softly elongate the eye,” reported Vanessa.
Eye Liner: 
To define and elongate the lash line, Vanessa lined the eyes with Lancôme’s Le Crayon Khôl in Black. “I used a touch of liner under her bottom lashes but smudged it for a softer look,” said Vanessa.  For added depth, Vanessa used Artliner Precision Point Eyeliner in Noir at the very base of Christina’s lashes.
Several generous coats of Lancôme Définicils Waterproof Mascara in Black were used on the top and bottom lashes.
Christina’s lips were a mix of Lancôme lip colors for an effect that Vanessa described as “red with a little dash of pink.” A sheer coat of Color Design Matte Lipstick in Corset was topped by La Laque Fever Lipshine in Cyber Coral.

What do you think? Did you like Christina’s look? Am I alone in hating her hair and dress? I so wish she’d return to her former aesthetic state worthy of being described as Baudelaire’s famed string of adjectives: Luxe, calme et volupte.

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