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Like my gal Tamar named her upcoming summer 2010 style (Boca Bubbe), I decided in the beginning of 2010 that this would be the year of semi-permanent beauty for me.

I’ve experimented with the OPI Axxium Soak-off Gel Manicure (I hereby declare it The Business), Eyelash Extensions (I think you’re aware of my obsesh by now) and La Braziliana keratin treatment with Jan-Marie Arteca at Ted Gibson (glamazing). But I haven’t discussed with you my laser hair removal lab I completed. Fellow NonSociety-er Julia Allison sang its praises a couple years ago and I was intrigued. But I’d gone to a couple competing laser operations and plum wasn’t blown away. Did they mitigate my hair situation slightly? Yes. But was I still needing to shave on an at LEAST every-other-day-basis? Yes. This was SO not the case with Advanced Derma Laser.

Per my gal Meghan‘s suggestion, a couple months ago I made an appointment for a bikini/underarms session. After ONE visit, I saw dramatic results. I now only shave my underarms about once a week and my bikini area has not grown back save for a few rogue hairs since February. February. What’s more, my formerly razor-burn ravaged pits never looked smooth and fresh–even minutes after I’d shaved. They had a vomitatious dark cast to them which is no longer there post-laser–and I’m smooth as can BE.

My laser gal there, Jennifer Kandemir, is phenomenal and gets the job done quickly while imparting pretty minimal pain (if feels like you’re being touched by freezing ice for a second). I’ve undergone multiple treatments at other laser places, all of which haven’t equaled the hairlessness that ensued from just ONE appointment at Advanced Derma Laser. I’ve gone twice now, and my hair literally has fallen out and then did me a favor by not growing back in. Is there a better testimonial than that? Ish don’t think so. Get involved:

Advanced Derma Laser
422 Madison Avenue
New York, NY 10017
(212) 223-2235

Disclaimer: This service was provided free of charge for editorial consideration

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