Mattification of the Nation: At-home, In-shower Tips

Introducing a new column on BBJ called Mattification of the Nation! It features tips from my hairstylist Matthew Fugate, formerly with Sam Brocato Salon, has recently accepted a position at Sally Hershberger Uptown.  Yay for Matt!
Here are a couple of his best in-shower hair tips, in his own words:
1.Shampoos are now become less and less lathering (sudsy) because of the amount of sulfate-free shampoos coming out on the market.
Don’t worry if your shampoo does not lather up as it doesn’t mean that your hair is not being cleaned, it is. Don’t use more and more to try to get it to froth up.
2. When conditioning, take the extra two minutes to rinse it out completely. Your hair should be “squeaky clean” this will make for much more volume when styling. Even if you think the conditioner is out, rinse a little more especially if you have fine hair.

Thanks for sharing your expertise, Matt! Stay tuned for more hair tips from him in the next Mattification of the Nation installment.

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