The Most Epic Lipstick Scene in Pop Culture Hist, Courtesy of John Hughes

Yesterday, the world bid adieu to John Hughes, “bard of teen angst.” Without this man’s movies from Weird Science to Ferris Bueller’s Day Off… let’s just say I wouldn’t have been able to survive high school in my own not-exactly-my-scene cookie-cutter suburbia. And I’d certainly have a lot less material for this blog. John colored the ’80s with his brat pack-studded feature films that whimsically effervesced and yet, managed to be totally relatable. And who ISN’T waiting for their very own Jake Ryan with whom to sit on top of the dining room table and enjoy a private cake for two?

In The Breakfast Club (“Screws fall out all the time. We live in an imperfect world.”–John Bender), Molly Ringwald‘s character Claire’s lipstick trick is one of the greatest beauty moments in pop culture. The fact that both she and I enjoy the selected works of Moliere, eat sushi and rock diamond studs is no accident. But I never mastered the lipstick trick, despite my efforts. I’m still working on it. 🙂

John, here’s to joining the ranks of the A-crowd in the heavens. You’ll be missed.

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1 Comment The Most Epic Lipstick Scene in Pop Culture Hist, Courtesy of John Hughes

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    This sucks. I was always hoping he’d made a Terrance Malick/Stanley Kubrick type comeback, giving us another great teen comedy. Nobody else could write teen comedies like he could — he made the characters real, not cliched, and the stories were timeless.
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