Bag This Beauty Barg(ain): Avon Skin So Soft Silky Stay Shave Gel

Mage news, gals. This PHENOM shave gel is only $3 right now on Avon’s website. CYE (Can you even?)?? Let’s discuss the fantabulosity that is this shave paraphernalia item. It glides with WILD abandon against your gams and never clogs your razor. In fact, its formula is much like another of my faves, Derek Jeter Driven Ultimate Shave Gel, also made by Avon. I suppose that’s no coincidence.

It seems counterintuitive that consistency like the clear gel that resembles the LA Looks I used to define my curls circa 1998 would moisturize and keep my legs 5:00-shadow-free for two days, but that is most certainly the case. And for $3, how can you NOT pass it up? Right.

Buy it here!

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