Biolage Launches Site to Educate About Diversion

Hey gals, remember I told you about diversion a few months back? Well, Biolage has launched an interactive website called to increase awareness for the brand’s anti-diversion strategy in the salon community and among consumers, and explain why it’s so important to purchase salon products only in authorized outlets, i.e., salons and professional stores.

The new site boasts the following features:

    • Information on the Stay True campaign, what diversion is and the key reasons to buy professional products in salon
    • A breakdown of all of Biolage’s product offerings
    • A list of salons nationwide where Biolage can be purchased

There’s even a video section where you guys are encouraged to create your own investigative (or fun!) diversion video and upload it to the website. The best videos will be selected and posted for all to check out.

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