Don’t Need No Credit Card To Ride This Train Week: L’Oreal HIP Jelly Balm

At $9, this little jewel is a frugalista version of MAC’s famed Tendertones SPF 12 from this past summer. L’Oreal HIP Jelly Balms are to die. You know I’m pressed on a gloss when I write about it despite the fact that it lives in a pot. Given the many options I have, it’s rare that I deign to love a pot gloss. When I don’t have to, I don’t “do pot.” I don’t enjoy a mess- on-my finger-sensation, you know?

But the high-pigmented Jelly Balms (and Tendertones, for that matter) are worth it (and L’Oreal thinks you are, as well). Jelly balms are silky in texture, yet slightly thicker than your garden variety balm. There’s no shimmer, so shimmer junkies need look elsewhere for a “fix,” but they do fulfill your need for vinyl shine. They yield excellent color pay-off and taste like delish caramel. If only L’Oreal would include SPF in its formula, Jelly Balms would establish perm residency in my beach bag. Until then, it makes for a wonderful, hydrating winter gloss. Get you some of that at drugstores everywhere. I enjoy the “Plush” shade, a blushy pink.

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