80s Ladies Week: iGel, but Only in my Dreams

Picture it: 1987. I have one idol and her name is DEBBIE GIBSON. Enjoy my fave song of hers, if you will:

The summer this was the it song, I was at Spring House Day Camp in suburban PA. The first time I heard it, I was at this weekend sleepover where we were supposed to play SPIN THE BOTTLE. I was seven at the time, and totally and utterly scared to kiss a boy (wouldn’t you be at seven? This camp was mildly fachachta, to say the least.) I distinctly remember telling my counselor that I wasn’t down with kissing the boys right this MINUTE, but I was so very down with allowing her to swipe me down with some lipstick (which she was applying for all of us, pre-boy kissing.) Even at seven, even at CAMP, I still wanted in on the makeup.

The product inspired by this song? Obv, only one that could be applied while you dream. DuWop iGels ($20) are iDeal for chilling on your couch post-superlong-day-at-work, while you catch a nap and perchance, a dream. They’re super-gummy (to the point you almost want to BITE them), citrus-scented, cucumber-cool (stick them in the fridge for 15 min prior to application), and do yeoman’s duty to reduce puffiness and dark circles.

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  1. Amber

    Jenna, yeah, it’s kind of disturbing. It wasn’t MANDATORY, it was sort of just suggested. No one had a problem with my declining to participate, I just distinctly remember being terrified that I WOULD have to participate before announcing that I’d take the lipstick and pass on the boy-kissing.


  2. Jenna

    I am really disturbed by your camp memory! You were SUPPOSED to play this game at 7 years old?!?! I can’t imagine what kind of counselor would endorse that! Though your desire to get in with the makeup is quite funny. I’m not sure if I knew makeup existed back then. But I do know that I didn’t think an appealing boy existed.


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