Skyn Iceland Cloud Cream is a Dream

Skyn Iceland Cloud Cream delivers: after this wretched snowy week, I’ve been using the divinely-scented cream to calm my red, raw, flu-ravaged nose. Is that gross? Well, it’s grosser to stand idly by doing nothing, friends. My nose is on its way to recovery, thanks to Skyn Iceland!

Here’s the part that’s more of a nightmare than a dream:
Pure Cloud Cream
costs $75 for the 1.7 oz. jar. I find it difficult to throw down so much moolah for a tiny little jar. That said, its blend of aloe, oat extracts and peptides brightened my skin tone AND didn’t react negatively with my iffy combo skin. It’s available at, Sephora Stores,,, as well as other fine retailers.

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2 Comments Skyn Iceland Cloud Cream is a Dream

  1. Allison M.

    It is a lot to pay for a jar. But, isn’t our skin worth it? I’m having similar anxiety over buying a new eye cream. I use Clinique anti-gravity cream. I bought it on a whim in Sak’s one day because I felt overwhelmed with choices. I’m thinking about the Philosophy Hope in Jar.

  2. dr. david

    Yeah, way too much to pay for a little jar, and I think the scent is awful,and it doesn’t go on very smoothly. I have to give props to the texture of the stuff though, I haven’t come across many moisturizers like that. It feels, well, like a “cloud”.


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