Do Yourself a Favor and Purchase Benefit’s Wonderbod Jiffy Tan

The good: It makes you the most delicious, real looking tan. It also includes a bit of gold sparkle, but not so much that it looks like you have some kind of glitter disease. There is virtually no smell–something I’ve NEVER been able to find in a self-tanner. It dries really quickly, yet does not streak. I do advise you to wash your hands IMMEDIATELY after applying though, or you will wind up with orange palms. Fun tip: in order to ensure the backs of your hands get tan after washing hands, put a dollop on the back of one hand and rub onto the back of the other. I can’t take credit, Jean Godfrey-June gave this tip in her book, Free Gift with Purchase.

The bad: It claims it’s a body lotion, yet it does not moisturize whatsoever. I’d apply a body lotion before smoothing it on. I don’t enjoy the false advertising, but I’ve said it again and again: 2 in 1 products sound too good to be true because they ARE. I adore efficiency, but beauty is, unfortunately not about combining steps. If it were, fabulistas around the globe would be using Pert Plus instead of guys who have no idea what conditioner as a separate entity even IS because, frankly, they don’t need to.

The ugly: Just the usual for a Benefit product…everything they come out with somehow costs $26. Worth it for the fairly large tube though. AND it includes lots of vintage pics of girly girls rocking girdles to really make you feel you’ve purchased something to put on a pink shelf in your boudoir. Anything reminiscent of a boudoir is GOOD in my book.

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