How To Deal With Makeup Fatigue In The Age Of Fast Beauty

As the practices of fast fashion take hold of the beauty industry, there’s been a lot of consumer fatigue with new beauty releases. With the proliferation of new brands, beauty products being launched at an unprecedented speed, and this growing feeling that there’s nothing new under the sun, the beauty market is in a bit of a crisis. If this oversaturation has you makeup fatigued, here are three things to consider.

1. The amount of makeup on the market shouldn’t influence your excitement about your current collection.

Many people have expressed that the volume of new releases makes them despondent about makeup in general. It’s natural to be disillusioned by an oversaturated market; but while too many new releases may make you uninterested in new products, that shouldn’t really change your view of the products you currently own. Presumably, you bought them because you liked them. To keep the spark alive, try to remember what motivated you to buy each item in your collection.

2. Shop your stash, and otherwise make your current collection fun again.

The shop your stash movement is at an all-time high, as makeup watchdog Estee Laundry and even beauty influencers have supported it. The concept is simple: instead of buying new products, focus on using the products you own.

There are plenty of ways to do this and make your current collection feel new and exciting. Try starting a “project pan”—a goal that you’re going to try to use up a selection of a few products until you “hit pan” (i.e. use a powder product until you get to the bottom and see the pan it’s pressed into). If hitting pan seems like a lofty goal, consider challenging yourself to using a set number of products for the whole week. For example, pick an eyeshadow palette, foundation, blush, two lipsticks, and liner; then, find fun, creative ways to create looks with just these items for a week.

And, these are just a few ideas. Ultimately, the possibilities for playing with your current stash are endless.

3. Do what makes you happy.

The trendy thing to do these days is to say you don’t need certain things—e.g. you don’t need two red lipsticks that are technically two different shades but end up looking more or less the same when worn. Sure, you don’t need it, but there are very few things we need. If you can afford it and it really makes you happy, then do it. Collecting makeup has gone out of fashion, and while I don’t like collecting, if it’s worth it to you, then carry on.  

If you’ve evaluated yourself and have decided that what is best for you is to limit your makeup consumption, check out our post on how to buy less makeup: 6 Ways to Buy Less Makeup & Marie Kondo Your Way To An Organized Beauty Shelf.

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