Profusion Might Really Be Makeup’s Best Kept Secret

Profusion Cosmetics has been on the scene for quite some time, but has been flying under the radar. I think it’s time we start paying attention.

Part of the brand’s philosophy is that everyone can be an artist. In line with this belief, they offer quality products at affordable prices. The prices of the products in their new collection range from $4.99 to $19.99. For this low price you don’t just get individual products, but kits. For example, for $9.99 you can get a 23-piece kit of a 15-pan eyeshadow palette, blush, highlighters, an eye pencil, and a lip topper.

Their new “Daydream Believing” collection has a number of products: lip liners, liquid lip stick, highlighter, blush, brow products, you name it. But, my fix is eyeshadow, so I want to focus of their 21-pan multi-finish eyeshadow palettes. There are 3 in this new collection (each $9.99): Siennas, a warm toned paradise of burgundies, oranges, yellows, and warm browns; Chocolates, a cool toned palette with browns, teals, and bronzes; and Pro Pigment, a pink, mauve, and purple themed palette (pictured above).

Now, if you’re like me, you might be thinking that $9.99 for a 21-pan eyeshadow palette is too good to be true. However, I must say, the quality is actually pretty good, considering. As an eyeshadow snob, I was a bit skeptical going in. But, at this point I’ve used these palettes to create 5 different looks and was pleased with all of them. A word of advice: the shadows are on the powdery side so don’t tap off too much product from your brush before applying. As long as you saturate your brush and tap off gently to get rid of some of the excess, you should be good to go.

When talking eyeshadow palettes, everyone wants to know the answer to the magic question: Is it pigmented? I’m happy to report that these colors are rather pigmented. Yes, even on deeper skin tones; which, I won’t lie, had me a little shook. Given their performance and price point, Profusion palettes get the seal of approval from me.

P.S. If you’re into multi-toned glittery metallic eyeshadows, check out their 10-pan eyeshadow palettes. My personal favorite is the Shimmer Palette.


Obianuju Enworom

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