Five Rules For Life: Shannon Nelson Of A Girl’s Gotta Spa

Blogging vet, longtime R18 pal and mom of five boys Shannon Nelson of A Girl’s Gotta Spa (and the product range, as well) knows the importance of a little pampering. Here, she shares her Five Rules for Life. Learn ’em, live ’em. In Shannon’s words.

1. A shower is the best medicine.

Of course, we all appreciate people who bathe regularly and don’t stink up our personal space (!!), but I’m referring to how mentally a shower can make us feel better. If you’re sick, a shower brings your temp down; if you’re stressed, a shower helps you relax; if you’re heartbroken, a good cry in the shower helps you to release the pain. My shower is STOCKED. So much so that my kids (all boys mind you) complain. But great smelling shower gels, hair care and scrubs are all essential to my mental health. Too bad insurance won’t cover the costs.
2. Do at least 1 thing for YOU each day.
Maybe it is the fact that I have 4 kids and everyone wants a piece of me…even when I try to hide in the shower (see rule 1.) I’m also self employed and those emails come rolling in before I even get out of bed, until well after I am asleep. Being so focused on everyone else can make you forget your needs (like Death by Chocolate at 10pm.) I make it a point to do at least 1 thing each day for ME. It could be as simple as making pumpkin coffee with chocolate salted caramel creamer in it (heaven) or painting my nails. As long as it is totally me-focused and reminds me of my self worth, I’m down.
3. When feeling down, put on a pair of heels and perfume.
There are definitely days when I feel less than. Whether I caught a glimpse of myself in the mirror and didn’t like what I saw or someone’s razor tongue cut me down, putting on a pair of heels and your favorite perfume will boost your spirits. I mean think about it, who doesn’t feel sexy strutting their stuff (even if it is just down the hallway to the living room) in their favorite heels? And perfume is the epitome of sensuality. Pair them together and you have the ultimate confidence booster.
4. Be the hardest working person you know.

I didn’t attain all that I have now from just half-assing it. I work hard and do the best I can each day. I put in 110% even when I don’t feel like it. I hate when people think I’m “lucky” because luck has nothing to do with achieving my goals. It’s dedication, persistence, consistency and always being on the look out for opportunity. Your life will be more fulfilling when you work for what you’ve got, failed forward and grew along the way.

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5. Make skin care your number-one beauty priority.

Your skin is a canvas and your makeup can only look as good as the palette you put it on. When you establish a really good skin care routine with the right products that meet the needs of your skin type, you’ll notice you’ll have to wear less makeup. Which of course means more money in your pocket for other important things, like jewelry. My skin care must-haves include moisturizers, serums, Vitamin C, sunscreen, masks and exfoliants. Don’t be surprised when you suddenly look more youthful and people whisper that you “had something done.”

Thanks, Shannon! Stay tuned for more 5 rules.

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