Introducing The Player Pedi At Eve

Don’t hate the player, hate the game! For athletes, gym rats, or anyone who’s simply on her feet all day, this treatment is to your well-being as gum was to “Friends'” Chandler Bing — perfection.

A 60-minute Player Pedicure, at Eve Salon located at 55 West 8th Street, will smooth callused skin with a special callus remover spray and relax and relieve tired, stressed muscles. Feet are restored to pedi-perfection with a Rosemary Mint Foot Scrub and Cream that creates a tingling sensation to invigorate tired sore muscles. Then, using a customized massage technique with aromatherapy T-Spheres massage balls, the pedicurist targets acupressure points in the feet and legs that will balance, relax, help with insomnia, and aid in lymphatic drainage.

I emerged from my treatment last week with smoother, softer tootsies and a refreshed ‘tude. 60 minutes, $60.


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