Spring In Your Step: Eve’s Rosy Toes Pedicure


Am I the only one whose feet are already a banged up mess, just a week into sandal season? As we transition in a most Bruce Jenner manner from fly-ass boots to open toes, we need to make sure our pedi game is ready, and my recommendation is Eve Salon’s seasonal offering, the Rosy Toes Pedi.


It includes an invigorating soak, softly scented of blooming spring wildflowers, to revitalize tired tootsies after winter’s wear. Next, a refining sugar & shea butter foot polish and a satiny body frosting team up to soften and hydrate, all while yielding the delicate fragrance of rosebuds. Top it off with perfectly applied polish. My choice is Laura Mercier Nail Lacquer in Attitude (which I brought myself). It calls to mind the briefly popular Volkswagon special-edition Vapor shade, a barely mint-blue.

The Rosy Toes pedicure at Eve is $35 for the 45-minute treatment. Eve is located at 55 West 8th Street.

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