The Trick To Emma Stone’s Super Shiny Lob Look

L’Oréal Paris Celebrity Hairstylist Mara Roszak created this sleek look for Emma Stone’s Critics’ Choice Awards 2016 appearance.  “Emma’s beautiful, black dress, coupled with her personality, inspired the hair look. Her dress has a more classic silhouette so I wanted to do a sleek look, yet one that was fresh and modern. She likes to move and feel free, so I wanted the style to be soft and fresh without any stiffness. Essentially, it was a fresher take on a sleek look.” Here’s how to recreate this style, per Mara.

emma-stone-critics-choice-awards-2016-photoTo start, Mara prepped hair with L’Oreal Pairs Advanced Haircare Extraordinary Oil Lustrous Oil Serum ($7) and ran it through the ends and mid-way of up the hair.

Next, she sectioned the hair and parted the hair with a slightly off-center part. She then blow dried the hair using the ghd Air Hairdryer ($199) with a medium-sized brush, rolling the ends slightly.

Once Emma’s hair was dry, she sprayed L’Oreal Paris Advanced Hairstyle Sleek It Strand-Smoother Serum Spray ($5) all over the hair and brushed it through to give the hair a nice layer of shine.

Then, Mara flipped Emma’s part to the other side to give the hair a bit of volume on the top while still keeping a deeper part. .

To give the hair a smooth, sleek look, she used the ghd Platinum Styler ($249) all over to touch up the hair.

Once done with the styler, she sprayed L’Oreal Paris Elnett Extra Strong Hold Hairspray ($15) all over the hair to keep it fresh and smooth all night, but without any stiffness.

To finish, Mara sprayed L’Oreal Paris Advanced Haircare Nutri-Gloss High Shine Glossing Mist on her pinky finger ($7) and glided gently over any flyaways to seal in the look.


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