Hydrate From Within: Aloe Gloe

In my Odysseus-esque journey to perfect skin, I’m now testing out Spironolactone, which Dr. Debra Jaliman prescribed me last week.

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It’s supposed to eliminate acne with an added bonus of dropping five pounds of WATER WEIGHT. Naturally, I was running to CVS to pick up THIS Rx. She mentioned that if I’m a regular coconut water drinker, I’ll have to cut back dramatically, as that can raise potassium levels. I drink coconut water on occasion, but I was glad my real vice, aloe water, is still on the good-to-go list. Aloe Gloe is my favorite: It’s never pulpy, tastes divine and quenches even a full-body thirst post Tracy Anderson workout. The all-natural, organic drink boasts vitamins, antioxidants and enzymes to promote skin, immunity and digestive health.


It comes in 6 flavors: Original Aloe, Coconut, Tangerine, Lemonade and White Grape. Pick up a 12-pack here.

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  1. Joanne

    I like to get fresh fruits and mint at the market and make a bottle of water with fresh fruits every morning, even better than the pre-bottled stuff!


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