You Need To Recreate Kate Bosworth’s Charming Headband Braid, Stat


Kate Bosworth’s braid game is so good, it stopped me dead in my tracks today. Stylist Bridget Brager created the look, infusing a little “bedhead” texture into it with  Sachajuan Ocean Mist. Then, she gave it a rough blow-dry, and curl-wanded with a T3 Whirl Trio.

unnamed (1)She started by creating a deep side part, then Dutch-braided the hair down the side of her head, following her hairline. The idea was to have the braid continuing its way down, just behind the ear and then wrapping around the nape. She secured the braid with a bobby pin.

unnamed (2)To finish the look, She used Kevin Murphy Powder Puff to create some volume and texture in the braid as I pulled it apart for a more lived-in feel.

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