Review: SkinMedica Total Defense + Repair Sunscreen


Sunscreen is a pain: We all know that. I mean, who wakes up in the morning and is excited to apply sunscreen? It reminds me of my mom yelling at me as a kid to constantly reapply and usually leaves my skin feeling oily and sticky. Up until recently, I would have never considered sunscreen as a “beauty product” but instead as an annoying thing that one must simply learn to deal with in the summer time.

BUT, SkinMedica’s new line of TOTAL DEFENSE + REPAIR sunscreen miiight just be changing my views of sunscreen after all. I know what you’re thinking. How great can a sunscreen be, right? Well. Let me tell you.

SkinMedica’s new line of water resistant lotions comes in a  set of 3: one Broad Spectrum SPF 50+, one SPF 34, and a tinted SPF 34. My personal favorite is the tinted sunscreen, since it completely eliminates my need to put on foundation and saves me a bit of time in the morning. But, I’ve been gravitating towards the 50+ SPF because, you know, paleness.

There are a bunch of reasons our parents always warned us against spending too much time in the sun, and I’m learning now that we should actually listen to them. Exposing our skin to the sun and its infrared rays can cause premature aging and fine lines, which is the last thing we need to be worrying about during the summer. SkinMedica’s superscreens help to combat this premature aging while also supporting the skin’s ability to restore itself.

So, I never thought it would happen but I’ve officially added a sunscreen to my regular beauty routine. It moisturizes, protects my skin from the sun, and acts as a foundation. (Don’t tell my mom she was right.)

—Devon Kelliher

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