Holiday Gift Guide: Carrie Mathison Of ‘Homeland’ Edition

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First, I need you to know I initially mistyped this show’s name as “Hoeland,” but given Carrie’s trampy-verging-on-statutory behavior this season, perhaps that’s more fitting? Carrie Mathison has a penchant for pills, boasts an exciting CIA gig that takes her to far-flung Middle East jaunts, has some brassy blonde locks (seriously, Dana Ionato needs a fictional counterpart on this show) and needs some relaxing gifts, stat. Here’s what to get the Carrie in your life, since she is choosing most aggressively to ignore the gift that keeps giving (Quinn).


lushLuxury Lush Bath Bomb

Can you think of anyone in more dire need of a relaxing BATH? At only $7, this effervescent bath accoutrement yields a relaxing lavender sillage and is TSA-friendly, for Carrie’s jetsetting lifestyle. Buy it here.

s1633940-main-hero-300Tarte Bon Voyage Collector’s Set And Travel Bag

Carrie needs her entire makeup situation perfectly portable, yet featuring a wide array of neutral options so she can maintain her professional look. This set from Tarte costs under $60 and contains all she needs for her entire face in one sleek, light package.

1083774Demeter Holiday 2014 Collector’s Edition

Carrie may be far from home, but she can at least recreate the scents of a Washington winter while abroad, thanks to this three-piece set featuring Demeter’s  Log Cabin (NEW), Fireplace and Christmas Tree, all in the 1oz cologne spray bottles for $45. Each scent is also available individually for $20.

What will you get the Carrie in your life?

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