The Trick To Taryn Manning’s Smooth Finger-waves At The Emmys


Taryn Manning’s retro finger-waves looked most excellent on the Emmys red carpet. I just scored the scoop on how to create them at home from Michael Dueñas, celebrity hairstylist and founder of Hair Room Service, who created the look. Here, the beauty breakdown.

Starting on damp hair add 2 golf ball sizes of OSiS+ Grip and a few spritz of OSiS+ Session Label Flexible Hold Hairspray to the roots.
Blow dry with a Denman brush or vent brush, focusing on adding volume at the scalp.
Take a deep side parting, just past the mid of the eyebrow.
On the heavy side of the head, start at the top, take an inch thick section from the crown to the hairline, split that section in to 1-inch sections.
Using a 1Ž2 inch curling, curl the 1-inch sections towards the face and pin till they are cool.
Work in this same way, from behind the ear forward, curling all the hair and pinning.
On the lighter side of the head, take 1-inch thick sections from just behind the ear, holding your iron horizontal curl the entire section at once away from the face, work from the parting down till you have curled all the hair.
Working on the back of the head, take 2-inch sections in a brick-lay pattern and curl each section, vertically in different directions.
Using a wide toothcomb, comb out the curls in the front, forming them into a wave.
Brush out the rest of the head with your fingers and touch up with a Mason Pearson.
Finish the look with OSiS+ Session Label Strong Hold Hairspray.

What are your thoughts on this throwback style? Yay or nay? I want to know your thoughts in the comments!

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