How To Get Beyoncé’s Hair Color from Her New Album

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I mean, we’ve all been watching Beyoncé’s new album obsessively, right? Pretty Hurts is on on a loop on my iTunes. Here, the scoop on her hair color featured in the new videos.

“Beyoncé loves to change her color and style, which is apparent in each of these videos.  She can basically have any hair color as long as it’s with the right tone and style.  She’s so beautiful and makes it easy,” says her colorist, Ritz Hazan.

Rita prefers to use highlights to create a multi-dimensional look for the star.  We asked Rita about Beyonce’s dark roots and why they worked so well. “The roots give it an edgier look, and with her olive skin, the darkness at the roots is needed to add depth so that she can go very light while complimenting her skin tone. A solid blonde can wash out anyone with an olive skin tone, so the roots help to give the color depth,” Rita explained.

Get the look at home by using the Rita Hazan Root Concealer for temporary color. “Many stylists pack it in their kits and use it on shoots to give hair depth at the root,” Rita said.

What do you think of Beyoncé (the album and the star)?

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