3 Timeless Looks For Your Holiday Parties

holiday party makeupBetween celebrations with office mates, friends’ soirées and family fiestas, the winter months provide ample opportunity to dress up. You’ll need a look that’s chic and slightly more formal than your everyday routine, but one that will last all evening. Here are three options that will take you from post-Thanksgiving holiday parties to New Year’s Eve countdowns.

1. Red Lips and Tips
Red lips and nails give off a classic and vintage vibe — they conjure visions of simpler, more glamorous times. To emulate a ‘60s screen siren, use CoverGirl Blast Flipstick Lip Color in Cheeky and Outlast Stay Brilliant Nail Gloss in Ever Reddy. Be sure to use three thin coats of polish (allowing it to dry fully in between coats) for a long-lasting nail color.

2. Silver Belles
For lavish lids, apply your favorite lid primer or a neutral, creamy eyeshadow. Use a concealer brush to distribute it evenly all over your lids. Let it set, then put on your shadow with a fluffy brush. For a silver stare, try a tinsel-colored shade like CoverGirl’s SmokyShadow Blast in Silver Sky. If you prefer a warmer shade of shimmer, try CoverGirl’s Flamed Out Shadow Pencil in Gold Flame or Smoky ShadowBlast in Bronze Fire for a gilded gaze.

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