Joico Instant Refresh Dry Shampoo Review

My Flywheel addiction has changed my relationship with dry shampoo from casual to serious and one of my latest favorites is Joico Instant Refresh. I love its fast-drying aerosol application and zero white residue. It extends the life my hairstyle Vanilla Sky-style for at least another 24 hours. Here’s what Joico International Artistic Director Damien Carney has to say about it. 

“This is a great product for extending your hairstyle without having to shampoo, again and again. The product dries super fast without any white, cloudy residue. It works brilliantly on greasy, dull, lifeless hair. I love the cooling effect when it’s sprayed on to the scalp and hair. Excellent as it soothes irritated, sensitive scalps, controlling natural oils and sebum. The hair looks and feels incredibly fresh and alive. Perfect for restyling hair, as it has zero hold. You can get an extra 2 days or more from your hairstyle.”

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