CoverGirl LashBlast Clump Crusher Mascara Review

This week, on Official Mascara Correspondent Ashleigh Ciucci’s docket is COVERGIRL Clump LashBlast Crusher Mascara. CoverGirl mascaras boast legendary status amongst beauty gurus, and Ashleigh gives her full review below. Does she love it? Find out.

CoverGirl has set the bar for high-end mascara results made available to the masses.  Clump Crusher Mascara is the newest addition to the CG millennial mascara family. With a bright green tube in the now infamous LashBlast shape, I was excited to get ahold of this one.  It’s brush is a rubbery half-moon, providing good grip to the lashes but with a softer build-up than its LB cousin.

I found that I was able to get product to every last baby lash but there wasn’t a lot of length or volume.  With a second coat there was a nice depth built at the roots with tapered tips. While there wasn’t a lot of oomph, I’m assuming this is the general idea: good lashes, no clumps. With that said, that’s one of the things that I love about the original LashBlast: tons of lash with no fuss.

However, with my afternoon application, (I admit, I slapped on another two coats) my lashes did achieve nighttime drama.  And to finish off the night, it washed away easily with soap and water. —Ashleigh Ciucci

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Have you tested this one out? How did you fare?

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