Q&A: Dr. Jeffrey Rappaport On Teeth Whitening

Dr. Jeffrey Rappaport and his wife Michelle launched Lavvaan Dental Spa, which I’ve already discussed with you. There, the duo offer the latest technology of in-office Zoom whitening, done under a dentist’s supervision. The concentration of the gel is at a maximum strength, which allows a longer lasting result.  At Lavaan, they also offer premium dental cleanings and recently added Invisalign.  “Many people do not realize that frequent cleanings are beneficial for one’s overall health and that a cleaning is the best first step to remove staining from our teeth,” explained Rappaport. “Invisalign helps align the teeth so it is easier to maintain a whitened smile.”

After a long holiday break of too much red wine, I’m back to too much coffee and my teeth are NOT having it. So I hit up Dr. Rappaport for his best advice on getting my smile brighter and keeping it that way. Check it out.

Beauty Blogging Junkie: What are some inexpensive teeth-whitening options that you recommend people do at home? 
Dr. Jeffrey Rappaport: There are a few options for people to whiten their teeth at home including whitening strips, whitening toothpastes and take home gels, which are available at most convenient stores.  However, most of the at-home whitening solutions only provide a decent result because the peroxide gel is of a lower concentration than what you would receive in a dentist’s office.  Many people also experience sensitivity due to gum irritation from excess gel in the trays.  In my opinion, the in-office treatment is quicker, cleaner, and provides a brighter, whiter result.
BBJ: What are some tips to maintaining our white teeth as long as possible post-whitening? 
JR: To maintain one’s new clean, white smile we recommend that all of our clients avoid any food or drinks that are “staining to a white shirt” for the first 24-48 hours as one’s teeth are more prone to stain immediately following the treatment.  For example, people should stay away from coffee, red wine, berries, and condiments.  But don’t worry, white wine and vodka are allowed!  And, the best thing that we can recommend to maintain your new white smile is get your teeth cleaned often or come back for touch-ups.
BBJ: Any tips for managing sensitivity? 
JR: The Zoom technology that we use features an LED light to reduce sensitivity.  We can also adjust the intensity level to account for one’s sensitivity.  For those who are extra sensitive, we would recommend taking an anti-inflammatory the night before their treatment and the day after which will help minimize the effects.
BBJ: What’s the minimum amount of time to wait in between whitening treatments? 
JR: I would not put a set time as it varies by individual, depending on the shade that they started at and their lifestyle.  For those who live on coffee and tea, touch-ups every few months are recommended.  

BBJ: What products are best to use to maintain? 
JR: We love Marvis “Whitening Mint” toothpaste.  It is the best whitening toothpaste on the market and makes you feel fresh and clean.
Thanks, Dr. Rappaport! 

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3 Comments Q&A: Dr. Jeffrey Rappaport On Teeth Whitening

  1. John J

    Hi Amber,
    Since teeth bleaching has become so popular, it would be great if you would do a Q&A on other whitening products. For example, whitening mouthwash or whitening strips.


  2. Best Whitening Toothpaste

    Hm, I definitely agree with Rappaport on that the in-office laser treatment is the most effective, but it’s also definitely the most expensive..

    A simple, decent whitening toothpaste is the way to go if you’re low on budget. I don’t think you have to get anything too fancy, as long as you are diligent in brushing twice everyday.

    Just my two cents on this subject 😉


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