Five Rules For Life: Jamie Greenberg

Jamie Greenberg is a makeup artist whose tended to the likes of celebs like Rashida Jones, Kaley Cuoco, Jayma Mays and Elisabeth Moss. I hit her up to share her Five Rules For Life. Check ’em out, in her words.
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1. Be nice to people who are serving you.
Whether it’s a mailman, grocery bagger, or the mean woman at the DMV. You never know what that person has been through that day. I can’t stand when I’m out to dinner with a friend and they berrate the service. It’s an ugly habit. People are people. If they’re having a crappy day and the service sucks, try to kill them with kindness and see how you can turn that mood around. Don’t be a dick. You’ll end up getting better service and even better karma.

2. Take time out for yourself everyday.
I don’t care if you’re a career barbie, a new mommy, or a recluse. Everyday devote some time to you and only you. Take a yoga class, meditate, or weave a basket. It’s important to take time everyday to reflect and just be alone. You will grow as a person, the more you get to know yourself.

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3. Eat the fucking cookie. 
As a 5’3″ Jewish girl with triple D boobs, I’ve been on every diet and cleanse known to man. I’m by no far overweight but would love to lose those last 7lbs. So many times I have starved myself at special occasions, telling myself not to touch the candy, don’t eat the cupcake, leave the cookies alone, while I sat there with my sparkling water and carrot sticks. I’m not saying have a free for all everyday, because moderation is key. But if you’re letting your hair down at a holiday party, it’s okay to eat the fucking cookie. Just don’t eat all of them. 
4. Practice non-judgement. 
It’s probably one the hardest things to do. Think about all the shows you watch (reality) and gossip about after. All the girly dinners you have chatting about the girl with too much botox or fishy fish lips at the cubicle next door! Life is hard. Everyone, no matter how beautiful or rich has shit in their life. If we can just be a little more accepting and a little lesss judgy on people’s decisions and worry about it would be a better place. Judging people is a negative behavior. I think the less we judge the happier we can become! To each their own! 

5. Be Passionate. 
Don’t just do something. Really do it or DON’T do it all! People will be able to touch, feel, see and hear you when you have passion! Also great things will come to you: love, success and hapiness.

Thanks, Jamie! Stay tuned for more Five Rules.

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