Get The Look: Emily VanCamp At The 2012 Emmys

Celebrity makeup artist, Rosie Johnston, created the look of Emily VanCamp for the 2012 Emmys using Talika. here’s the look, courtesy of Rosie.

 “Emily is wearing a beautiful, kind of 1920s art-decoy very pale grey dress, in that it’s structured, but not, and it’s very ethereal, beautiful, and youthful. So we went for a very classic look, nothing that would take away from the dress. The look was youthful, classic, extremely polished while also looking effortless.

First, I used Talika’s Instant Beauty as a primer because it is going to be extremely hot on the red carpet and a primer is really necessary. I applied it using a foundation brush all over the face, but mainly focusing on the T-zone. I loved Instant Beauty because it gave her skin dewiness while still remaining matte, which is very rare to find in a product. We wanted a really defined brow and Emily has good brows already, but they don’t extend out on the end, so I used the Talika Eyebrow Extender in Dark Brown to create a nicer form and help her eyebrows look naturally extended out. I applied it straight through once to darken up the brow and give the appearance of the eyebrows being thicker. Then I went back and applied in areas that were a little sparser. The product was a great base to create a thicker, longer brow and also gave the shadow I used to fill them in later something to grip onto.

 For her lashes, I used Talika’s Heated Eyelash Curler, which was freaking awesome! It’s amazing and it actually makes the curl stay! I love it. I wanted to go for a thicker look for her lashes so I applied a light coat of mascara, then went back over, while the mascara was still wet, and applied the Talika Lash Extender for added volume and length, and then added another coat of thicker mascara on top. It made her eyes look very defined but you wouldn’t know that there was a lot there. This kept everything defined and polished. She looked gorgeous walking out the door. Classic, clean, and youthful.”

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