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In the spirit of The Manolo, I’ve decided to do a little What Glamber Is Reading, Watching and Listening To post.


I was up until 1am last night reading Glamour beauty columnist (and former beauty editor of Cosmopolitan) Andrea Pomerantz Lustig‘s totally tear-throughable tome, How To Look Expensive. But luckily, she has the perfect eye cream recommendation (L’Oreal Paris Youth Code Eye Cream), among other incredible tips, like keeping your hair long so you can cut your cuts down to just two a year. Every time I’ve ever seen Andrea at an event or backstage at Fashion Week, she’s looked the very portrait of expensive–from her honey blonde subtle highlights to her always-glossy manicure. You must check out this beauty veteran’s book that’s chock-full of awesome expert quotes and beauty ideas. She even gave BBJ a shout-out in the Reference and Inspiration section of her book. I’m honored! Pre-order How To Look Expensive on amazon.com. The book will be released on August 7.


The Karate Kid 2. You may or may not know that, at any point, a song, movie or book is overtaking my entire week and I’m obsessed beyond the point of normal with it. It usually stems from a product which inspires a pop culture reference that I then need to rewatch and become enamored with anew. A few weeks it was Cocktail, last week is it was Savages (sometimes it’s a new obsesh) and this week it’s The Karate Kid 2. What I’m loving about it is the fact that the movie’s theme, Peter Cetera’s Glory Of Love is FULLY an unironic, DIRECTLY interpretive dance of the movie. Seriously, the flick is all about defending a girl’s honor (and your own honor, honor’s a huge theme in this movie and evidently in Okinawa) and there’s even a castle far away. Can you even? Suffice it to say, between my earliest introduction to romance being this movie and my subsequent degree in French Literature, I have completely unrealistic expectations of men as knights in shining armor from a long time ago. #waitingforgrandgesturesthathaveyettohappen

Listening To
Big Time by Peter Gabriel, he formerly of Genesis. It’s a throwback I’m loving this week, especially the hilarious beginning, in which Peter greets us with “Hi, there.”

What are you reading, watching and listening to?

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