Travel Blogging Junkie: Revel Resorts Room Tour Video

The Revel!

Revel without a cause!

Atlantic City’s Revel Resorts opened on Memorial Day weekend this year and I was lucky enough to stay at the famed gargantuan hotel opening weekend courtesy of L’Oreal Paris to take in the Beyonce concert (I am a patroness of the ARTS, lest you forget). Beyonce was BEYOND(ce) and I have been listening to 4 on repeat even more than I was before seeing her in person (and that was a LOT, gals–I’m a member of the Bey Hive).

But back to the Revel! It’s giving the former luxury spot The Borgata a run for its high roller money. The spacious smoke-free beachfront resort boasts 1,800 rooms with an ocean view, two performance spaces, more than a dozen restaurants, two nightclubs, a dayclub, spa, beach club, retail shops and a casino. Our dinner at One was amazing and the hotel’s staff were incredibly accommodating.

Also, I have to say it: I’m a HUGE fan of Atlantic City. It’s one of my favorite places. I know. It’s glitzy. Your grandmother plays slots there and eats dinner at 4pm. Trump took over the whole joint in the ’80s and no one’s over it. But to me, it’s always been magical. It’s the Jersey shore, but MY Jersey shore. Not this Snooki/Seaside Heights stuff where New Yorkers vacation. Everyone has the accent I grew up with. You can get a decent hoagie. I used to go there with my fam when I was little, to Margate with my good friend Jackie when I was in high school and we’d crush on surfers. I had my 21st birthday there and stayed at the Tropicana (how I’ve upgraded to better hotels) with a bunch of my college BFFs and–story time–we drank Dom Perignon all night courtesy of my friend Amber’s friend Tiffany’s high roller uncle who happened to be staying there at the time. He went to jail the next day for some major embezzlement (could I MAKE that up?) but my friends and I had the best time ever. Sigh.

Check out the video tour of my room at the Revel!

Have you been to the Revel? How does it compare to the rooms at the Borgata? I’ve only been to the Borgata casino/clubs/restaurants.

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