BBJ Is Looking For An Intern!

It’ll be JUST like LC and Whit’s gig at Teen Vogue on The Hills! 

Yes, it’s true. I am an army of one, but I cannot be as productive as I need to be if I’m running around like a maniac trying to cover four events a night, then writing about them all and getting my freelance work done and trying to maintain some semblance of a social life. It’s not good for my HAIR. So I’m looking to hire an unpaid intern. This person will:

  • Be a college student based in NYC
  • Have a strong interest in ALL of the following: beauty, writing, science and pop culture
  • Attend beauty events and product launches
  • Test out products
  • Write reviews/posts about products he/she loves in a clever, pop culture heavy style

While this is an unpaid position, this person will enjoy gratis beauty treatments and products. It’s not an in-office position (mostly as I work from my apartment while watching Golden Girls reruns), but occasionally there will be meetings. I’d need this person to attend anywhere from one to four events per week, most often in the evenings (5pm-9pmish).

Interested? Here’s how to apply.

1. Send me a review of your favorite beauty product (can be anything–something new, discontinued, not even sold in this country–whatever) incorporating a pop culture angle (a movie, song or television show–again, can be retro or current) in the best way you can. The tie-in should feel as organic as possible (so look for unlikely connections, if need be. Read up on BBJ archives for a sense of the style). It should be as hilarious as possible. Making up words is encouraged. Aim for about 150-300 words, but more is okay if need be. 
2. Tell me why you want this gig. Just a couple sentences will do.
3. Attach your resume.

Email it all to beautybloggingjunkie AT with BBJ INTERN as the subject line.


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