Vote For My Birchbox/Zoya Shade Submission!

Can’t we all agree that there needs to be an OPAQUE, metallic gold polish with suspended large flakes of gilded glitter in this universe called GLAMÉ!? Then please vote (once every 24 hours!) for my Birchbox submission in collaboration with Zoya! The three winners will be made into Zoya polish shades for spring. The deets on my shade:

I recently discovered that I want everything to be gold, especially when it comes to nails. However, the only good gold polishes on the market are sparkly, which are great when they’re layered but not on their own. I dream of a true metallic polish filled to the brim with suspended gold glitter in large, square flakes. The hues, sparkle, and the gleam of my mood board is inspired by a combination of plain old gold, glitter, lamé, Goldfinger, a gleaming spotlight, a gold star for a job well done, and a hot pair of glittery Miu Miu shades. I think gold needs to be just as ubiquitous in spring—why relegate gilded talons solely to the holidays?

The voting ends on Monday, February 13th. BBJ readers, I’m DYING for this shade to be made, so please vote for me! THENX! Here’s where you vote:

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