Foundation, All I Ever Wanted:The Three Foundations You Need Immed.

DMV dame of “License To Drive” fame.

Here’s the thing about foundation.

There are a few absolutely terrible ones–that pill, are chalky, not pigmented enough, too pigmented, etc. I always recognize when I encounter one of these. All it takes is one simple question I ask myself: Do I resemble, in any small part, the hideously made-up lady at the DMV in License To Drive? If I have to think about the answer, I know I’m dealing with a dud. Check her out at 4:32 in the clip below. (And read on for my picks for best foundation EVER.)

Conversely, there are an OCEAN of foundations that are simply meh. They do the job decently, are nothing to write home about; they aren’t STELLAR. They’re not uniformly excellent in a myriad of ways, but you can admit you look better with it than without. That’s the mark of a standard-issue foundation. There are zillions.

And THEN, there are the ones that are an absolute delight. When you wear them, people ask if you’ve gotten a facial, switched up your skin care routine, indulged in a peel, been on a wildly amorous vacation with a sexy foreign stranger, etc. Alas, these are also few and far between. I can name only three I’ve encountered in the past year. They are:

Shiseido Perfect Refining Foundation ($39)
This. Foundation. Is. Everything. One of the few not to aggravate my breakout-prone skin, Shiseido‘s light formulation erases pores, acne scars and redness with a smooth matte finish that makes me look as if I were perfectly dusted with a gossamer application of translucent loose powder, without having done anything save for sweep on a tiny amount of this stuff with my fingers. It’s transformative and comes in an efficiently constructed small square package, which is perfect for travel.

This aerosol spray iteration is coming soon to Ulta and retails for a thrifty $15. I just got word that the makeup artist from Twilight ordered 1,000 bottles of it to use on the entire cast. It gives a airbrushed look without having to carry a machine around, no small feat. This one’s better for a full-coverage look but still won’t make you look like you’re wearing a ton of makeup, a la DMV dame. This one’s perfect for rocking when you know you’re going to be filmed or paparazzi’d. It looks luminous on video and in pics.

Estee Lauder Invisible Fluid Makeup ($35)
I believe we’re just a few years away from flying cars and mind-blowing skin care technology that yields completely flawless skin using a simple to-be-invented gadget. But until the latter happens Estee Lauder‘s latest launch is our best bet. This liquid formula uses a patent-pending IntuiTone pigment technology, which employs a mix of super fine pigments with optics. Combined, these allow the shade to adapt to your own skin tone for a perfect match, and give great coverage while allowing your natural skin to shine through. Best of all? The formula is so lightweight and airy (AIR IS ONE OF ITS INGREDIENTS), it boasts a totally non-makeupy feel. It comes in 16 shades, is oil-free, non-acnegenic, and contains hyaluronic acid, which will keep skin hydrated. This story gets a bit sad now: It won’t be available until this March. But get your hands on it once it’s out. It’s sure to be a raging success.

What are your favorite foundations of late, dolls? SHARE in the comments.

Disclosure: Samples of all were provided for editorial consideration.

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9 Comments Foundation, All I Ever Wanted:The Three Foundations You Need Immed.

  1. Anonymous

    Pur Minerals, hands down. It’s fast, covers flawlessly, and doesn’t look like you’re wearing a mask. PLUS it has SPF. You really can’t go wrong with this one.

  2. Pam

    Hi Amber…I did some looking around and they have the Aero Minerale at as well as Amazon now for around $15.00. I also understand that Wal-Mart has it in some areas. Sounds interesting but, the reviews indicate it sprays everywhere…in your hair and so on and that it is best used with a makeup sponge which, to me, would eliminate “air-brushed”. I still would love to try it.

  3. socialitedreams

    never heard of that airbrush mineral foundation but now i am SUPER excited to try it! sounds totally awesome and looks like it comes in a great range of colors 😀

    i love the make up for ever mat velvet foundation


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