Gaga’s Workshop Nail Tips By Kiss

I’ll never forget interviewing Deborah Lippmann after she’d done Lady Gaga‘s nails for the VMAs in 2010 (when she hatched from an EGG) and Deborah talked about how Gaga wanted a false tip on top of another, like a host/parasite nail. I think its pretty safe to say that Lady Gaga is a nail icon, so it doesn’t come as a surprise that Gaga teamed up with KISS Nails to release four sets of limited edition press on nails. They are limited for the holidays at Gaga’s Workshop at Barneys NY, and go for $45 a pop. I think it’s also safe to say this must be the first time false nails have EVER graced the hallowed aisles of Barney’s. Here are the different options:

Score some at Barney’s!

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