Get The Look: Kristen Stewart’s Makeup At The ‘Breaking Dawn Part 1’ Premiere

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Kristen Stewart’s plum eyes took center stage at the premiere of The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 1. Avon Global Creative Color Director Jillian Dempsey decorated Kristen’s peepers with a dramatic plum shadow. “Kristen and I decided we didn’t want the eye makeup to look too hard,” said Jillian. She smudged liner and crème base and topped it with a diffuse wash of matte shadow, angling the makeup upwards at the edges for a slight cat-eye. Its matte finish kept Stewart looking gorgeous through, “all of the flashing,” says Dempsey. The rest of the Kristen’s face was adorned with a palette of nudes and neutrals to keep the focus on her stunning gaze.

I adore this look. What do you guys think of Kristen Stewart’s Breaking Dawn premiere makeup?

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