Get The Look: Amanda Seyfried’s Hairstyle At The "In Time" Premiere

It’s hard not to get distracted by Justin Timberlake‘s habenero pepper levels of spiciness in that suit, but we’ve got to focus on the beauty news at hand, and that is Amanda Seyfried epically shiny blowout at the “In Time” premiere.  Parenthetically, JT AND a sci-fi movie? It’s like a perfect storm of everything I LIKE. Anywho, Jenny Cho, Suave Professionals Celebrity Stylist created the hairstyle for Amanda Seyfried. Here, a step-by-step on how to recreate it at home (though, sadly, sans arm candy JT for your night out).

Says Jenny, “For the premiere, I wanted to give Amanda a hint of Brigitte Bardot’s infamous bombshell sexy blowout to show off her beautiful healthy hair.”

How to create this look:
1. Apply Suave Professionals Volumizing Root Boost Spray all over towel-dried hair, concentrating on the roots.

2. Layer Suave Professionals Sleek Anti-Frizz Cream to help smooth and protect hair from heat. Blow dry with a large round brush starting at the nape.

3. Before applying makeup, set each section of hair with large velcro rollers to give hair body and volume (Once makeup is complete, remove rollers). Every section should be rolled away from the face except the front sides, which should be rolled under.

4. Unroll hair starting from the nape. Brush out the hair gently with a Mason Pearson brush and tease the roots around the crown to give slight height.

5. Mist with Suave Professionals Touchable Finish Lightweight Hold Hairspray to finish

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What do you think of Amanda Seyfried’s gloriously gleamy hairstyle? And Justin Timberlake in a SUIT?

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