Dita Von Teese Launches Dita Von Teese Nail Set With Kiss

Normally, press-on nails make me dry heave, but somehow when Dita Von Teese is involved there’s a burlesquey vixenish vibe I CONDONE.

To that end, the pin-up has partnered with Kiss on a perfectly custom vintage moon mani you can apply on the go. “I wanted to offer a shortcut to obtaining the nail style that I have been wearing for the last 20 years,” Dita says. “If you look very, very closely, the most glamorous and iconic portraits of the 1930s and 1940s show the half-moon manicure.”

The Dita Von Teese Nail Set by Kiss ($10) is a little more expensive than your garden variety drugstore artificial nails, but they are much less expensive than going to a salon. They’re available on dita.net or at one of her shows.

Will you be purchasing these?

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