Backstage Beauty: T&A Inspire At Betsey Johnson

It’s always wild and crazy backstage at Betsey Johnson. Champagne, balloons, hand-painted posterboards and this time, vintage beauty ads and retro inspiration from Brigitte Bardot to Audrey Hepburn decorated the halls. My favorite part were the models’ hand-drawn (by Betsey) “seams” drawn onto their legs with Betsey’s name in script woven in. The inspiration for this look? Tits and ass! Read on for the look…

Sarah Lucero for Stila created a beautiful bombshell look by starting with matte skin, a little highlighting and contouring for Brigitte Bardot sexiness. The eyes were kept clean–she used just a soft shadow in flesh tones as a backdrop for a orgeous cat-eye but thinner, and a bit more lifted. “Like a push-up bra for eyes,” said Sarah. Naturally, there were major lashes,  and top and bottom mascara. A genius tip from Sarah? Put your mascara on first before lining eyes. “Your eyes downturn until you have your mascara on,” explained Sarah. “You need to know where your eye opens, determine the shape, then decide the placement and it makes it much easier.” She says to do the lift by the longest lash–so that you’re not guessing. And if you make a mistake, you can just smudge it into the mascara. A shot of silver was then applied underneath the eyes on lower lid.  A natural pin-up brow and pop of neon coral for cheeks with a powder blush warmed up the models’ skin. “It’s beautiful, gorgeous glamour girl,” said Sarah. Lastly, statement lips were created via a wet glossy lacquer-like gloss in pink. The gloss is a full-coverage iteration called Giggle. “It pops, it’s neon. You can tone it down for day by wearing it a bit less glossy or you can bump it up for night. It’s like wet paint and totally wearable,” stated Sarah.

Nonie Creme, creator of Butter London used two shades designed for Betsey’s show specifically, due out in January 2012–one silver and one gold glitter polish. The looks was metallic tips in an almond/teardrop shape. “It gives it extra pop for the catwalk,” said Nonie. It’s very pointy. Not sharp, but extreme. “We added a diamonte and a nail piercing for each tip–very rock and roll/Debbie Harry,” explained Nonie.

 The recession is dragging on. “It’s getting spare and Betsey was like, let’s go full on ’70s and ’80s glamour,” said Peter Gray for Cutler and Redken. By the by, since John Ruidant WASN’T BACKSTAGE AT CHRIS BENZ, Peter now holds the title of Sexiest Straight Stylist at Fashion Week. He created a low, diagonal side-part curling and setting the hair in traditional rolls (So retro–with clips), then sweeping the hair around to the side with a ponytail below — a totally sexual look. “I think women will start setting their hair again,” philosophized Peter. “Tits and Ass is the idea for this evening! We’re bringing back curves into fashion. Products used for the look begin with Redken 07 Mousse, followed up with Redken Fashion Work 12 Spray on each section, curl it, wind it up, clip, and finish off with a little bit of Cutler Specialist Shine Tattoo Spray.

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