Gamazing Gams Tips From Dermatologist Dr. Ellen Gendler

Who has more gorge gams than JLo?

This summer, between traveling to far-flung lands and general clumsiness, my legs are RIDDLED with nicks, bruises and bites. And they take FOREVER to get rid of. To speed the process along, I hit up dermatologist Dr. Ellen Gendler for her best tips on helping legs look glamorously smooth and clear. Here, her best tips for lovely legs.

Beauty Blogging Junkie:  Any tips on getting shaving-accident nicks, scars and mosquito bites to heal more quickly?
Dr. Ellen Gendler: The best way to get something to heal more quickly is to avoid scratching and picking. Also, I recommend keeping the area moist and covered, because wounds heal faster this way.

BBJ: What’s one simple tip you can provide that will improve your shaving results?
EG: As a dermatologist, my focus is on the skin, so I’d recommend choosing products that will protect from shaving irritation. You should use some type of shave gel to get lubrication when shaving, or you can use a razor with shave gel already built in, which I like for convenience. Venus ProSkin MoistureRich is great for this reason – it has shave gel bars that protect skin and saves a step.

BBJ: What’s your favorite method of exfoliation–scrubby towel, dry-brushing, body scrub? And should we do it before or after shaving?
EG: I’m not a huge fan of exfoliating because I find it irritating to skin, but if I had to choose, I’d recommend using a body scrub with evenly shaped particles on a washcloth. No nutshells or anything irregular like that, which can cause nicks.

BBJ: What are some shaving myths you’d like to debunk?
EG: My female patients often ask if men’s razors are the best for them. It’s a very common myth but not true – the skin and hairs are different than a man’s face and women are shaving much larger surfaces and need a razor that can work with their body shape. Venus razors have features like a pivoting head for curvy areas, and an ergonomic handle for better grip – they were made for the areas a woman shaves.

BBJ: How many times would you advise using a razor blade before tossing?
EG: There’s really no rule for this, but I’d recommend throwing out your razor blade when you first start to notice dullness or discomfort – this usually happens between 5-10 shaves.

BBJ: What about wetting the leg before shaving vs. dry shaving?
EG: I’d definitely recommend always wetting the legs. Dry shaving can be much more irritating to the skin.

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