‘The Nine Lives Of Chloe King’ Premieres Tonight

Friends, I make no secret of my love of YA novels (like The Fug GirlsSpoiled) and teen dramas (like The Vampire Diaries. I was already planning on catching The Nine Lives of Chloe King tonight, even before my gal Emily Katz (former LOST makeup artist) emailed me and told me she was the MakeUp Department Head for the show. What an amazing gig! I can’t wait to talk to her about the looks on the show, starting with that metallic fruity pink Chloe’s wearing on the promo shot.

The Nine Lives Of Chloe King premieres tonight at 9pm/8pm Central on ABC Family. Will you watch?

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4 Comments ‘The Nine Lives Of Chloe King’ Premieres Tonight

  1. Katya

    Yeah I really want to know what they use on Skyler Samuel on the show, she looks so fresh faced and stunning, how every teenager should look 🙂
    Can’t wait to see what they use!

  2. Anonymous

    Personally this reminds me much more of Buffy the Vampire Slayer than it does the Vampire Diaries. Which for me is a good thing. I was originally just going to watch the premiere because as an employee of DISH Network I try to stay up to date on as many of the new shows as possible so I can effectively answer questions my customers might have, but after that first episode I’ve got the feeling I’m going to be watching this show for a long time. It was really good. If you missed it somehow, or if you’d just like to see it again I thought I’d let you know it’s available on dishonline http://bit.ly/dJzWgo


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