Reese Witherspoon Expressions Fragrance Review

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Avon is launching a new trio of fragrances — the Expressions collection — fronted by actress Reese Witherspoon. Love, Laugh and Live are designed to “capture three different dimensions of Reese Witherspoon’s multi-faceted femininity.”

Avon recognizes that woman requires a wardrobe of scents to match her varied moods. Her emotions change from day to day and now her fragrance can, too. Inspired by the many facets of Avon Global Ambassador Reese Witherspoon, the Expressions collection includes three scents. I’ve matched each perfume up with its corresponding Reese Witherspoon character from her many films I believe embodies the fragrance. Fun, right? Read on for the appropriate “fragreese” match-up for the Love, Laugh and Live scents.

Love is a floriental “inspired by the fresh glow that comes with falling in love,” with black cherry, peony, amber and woods. This one launches this month. I tested this one out myself and found it to be a pretty, easy-on-strangers scent. It’s light, floral but not cloying and perfect for a romantical night in or out. To me, this one’s most conveyed by Reese’s character Dani in The Man In The Moon. LORD that movie was depressing, but so, so good. Anyone else see it? If not, I so recommend it. Jason London at his peak. Need I say more?

Laugh is a citrus floral “for the woman who laughs out loud”, with white tea, mandarin, freesia and rose. Due to launch in May. This one is totally Reese’s Oscar-winning performance as the legendary talent and funny gal June Carter in Walk The Line.

Live is a fruity floral “for the woman who lives every day to the fullest”, with bergamot, muguet and gardenia. Due to launch in August. Let’s be real with each other–did ANY gal live as well as Elle Woods in Legally Blonde? She’d DEFINITELY prefer a fruity floral. It’s the olfactory equivalent of pink.

Avon + Reese Witherspoon Expressions Love, Laugh and Live will be sold in 50 ml Eau de Toilette, $22.50 each. Which one is most you?

Disclosure: A sample of “Love” was provided by Avon.

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