Carol’s Column: Red Carpet Recapitulated

By Carol (my mother)

Though not one of the most fashion forward of Oscar nights (actually, none of them really are) and a bit of a bore overall, there were a few Splendidly Attired Ones that do merit mention.

Anne Hathaway, hereby known as Anne of a Thousand Changes, in her myriad array of gowns, jewels and hair dos certainly succeeded in holding our attention. Whether swathed in archival Valentino red, shimmying in a dulled gold fringed number (Oscar de la Renta) or, most strikingly, in a pour of metallic blue satin (Giorgio Armani Prive) that made her gorgeous figure gleam, she looked lovely and lissome throughout. Her rich brunette mane was camera candy (or cam-nip for the feline inclined), radiating health and beauty and running the gamut from sophisticated updos to a memorable lustrous, cocker-spaniel-like style that captured the light in every lock.

Scarlett Johansson, too, never looked better. Her eyes were subtly smoky and mysterious. Her mid-length blond bob was cunningly styled in that coveted, semi-undone look, so challenging to achieve. Sexy perfection. Beautifully contained in a fuschia lace dress (Dolce and Gabbana) with simple, straight lines that popped with off-beat color, her figure was revealed with discreet but undeniable glamour. A martini of a dress that seemed an antidote to passé Hollywood style and at the same time, an update of its perennial allure.

Gwyneth Paltrow nailed her style neatly in a spun-gold Calvin Klein evening sheath that was the essence of contemporary elegance. Its simple notched neckline, the suggestion of a belt slightly below the waist and the subtle band at its hemline gave the dress an impact that played with its simplicity. All in all, the look of a thoroughly modern movie star.

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3 Comments Carol’s Column: Red Carpet Recapitulated

  1. styrch

    I think those are all good choices. I particularly enjoyed Scarlett though many people disagreed. Both Anne and Gweneth look awesome. I’m loving that dripping metal look.

    one thing I question, though, is the fact that the silhouettes are so similar. Is that what draws your attention?


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