Official Mascara Correspondent: Zuzu Luxe The Mascara

Official Mascara Correspondent Ashleigh Ciucci‘s been hard at work testing out the best lash lengtheners to share with you gals. Her latest find is Zuzu Luxe The Mascara. Here, Ashleigh’s review:
I was excited to get a hold of this espresso mascara with a narrow stiffly bristled brush.  I’m always looking for a brown mascara that provides enough definition while still looking soft. With the first coat, I was able to work the product evenly from the outside of my eye inward. The spiral shape of the stiff bristles allowed for total las coverage. My lashes looked soft and flirty. With my second coat, I got a dash more color and even more flirty fluff.  I felt that because the shade was “espresso” as opposed to “brown,” the shade was richer, but still softer than black. I touched up midday, concentrating the mascara more on the roots than the tips as to maintain their softness.  And voila!  It came off with soap and water at the end of the night. Genius. I’d buy this one for sure.
Zuzu Luxe The Mascara retails for $16.50 on

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