Ted Gibson Gets Lash Extensions With Courtney Akai

My mane man, the hilar Ted Gibson has long been a fan of my lash extension addiction. We talk about them at length (HA!) every time I’m at the salon (which is often, as it’s a mere few blocks from my stu-stu-studio). Ted has been wanting to take the plunge and get them himself and I’d hesitated only because they’re massively addictive and I don’t want to be the peer who pressures. But friends, eventually, I had to take Ted for his “gateway lash experience” at the fabulous Courtney Akai Lash Boutique, where we filmed his maiden lash voyage, along with his reaction and an explanation from Courtney about how exactly the process works. I was so psyched to be able to take a video of the whole process as I never get to see it. Because my eyes are always closed. Obv. Here’s the video:

Check out Ted’s thoughts on his new cils on his brand new blog, In His Beauty Universe!

And Ted, don’t be mad at me when you wind up having a once-monthly lash habit, k?

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