New Service: LashDip At Courtney Akai

Yet another procedure that falls under the category of I Didn’t Know What I Was Missing. I’ve long been a fan of the darling Courtney Akai‘s lash extension technique, so when I got an email from her asking if I’d like to try out her new procedure, LashDip. NOT for the extensioned set, it’s a semi-permanent professional lash coat that maintains gorgeous lashes for up to six weeks. No mascara. No makeup remover. Your inky semi-permanent coated lashes are there when you wake up in the morning, last through your exercise routine, and are there when you go to bed at night. So if you want to try something more permanent than mascara but not as dramatic as extensions, this is for you. It’s a great lash middle ground.
Now this is a more natural look than extensions, and therefore not for me as I prefer lashes that rival those of RuPaul. But on the bottom lashes, it’s perfect for me. Courtney simply mixed up the formula, brushed it on, allowed it to dry for a minute or two and I was out of there. She even supplied me with a makeup remover that won’t irritate the LashDip and a sealant to keep my lashes fresh. The effect is a perma-mascarad set of lengthy, deep dark lashes that define my lower lashline while not competing with my tarantular upper lashline. 

The procedure lasts about six weeks and includes a “touch-up” around week two or three and costs $200, about 50% less than lash extensions. Call Courtney Akai at 212-867-8469 to make an appointment. Her lash boutique is located at 501 5th Avenue, Suite 1211.

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